Lack of interest Tool-tip postion needs to be lowered

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When viewing inline images that are dynamically reduced in size, there is a wonderful tool-tip feature that pops up when you hover over the image. There is one small problem, that is the tool-tip sometimes covers the text above the image. Here's an example.


If this tool-tip could be lowered by 10px that would be great.

I tried making this small change by overriding the xenTooltip class in the EXTRA.css template, but the same class is used for all tool-tips and I don't want the others effected. Sure I could edit the js file and create my own class for this, but I would like to see this fixed for the next version of Xenforo.

Thank you.
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I found the solution. Just enter the following in the EXTRA.css template.

.bbCodeImageTip {