XF 2.2 Toggle BB Code User Preferences


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So a bug report has been raised on one of the sites I help with, where people are saying the BB code editor is disabled. I've pointed them to where they should re-enable it with the square brackets, and that they must have disabled it at some point. They are stating that they haven't actually disabled it themselves.

So with the above referenced post from Mike, how is this preference saved per device? I've looked in the access logs, and I can see where the POST request is made either enabling or swapping back to HTML


Just looking for some suggestions on what look for if possible to try and figure if it is indeed a bug, or they are actually performing the switch in their device / browser.

If you're seeing those requests, then that should indicate they're toggling it -- I don't believe we ever call that programmatically.

But it's stored via local storage on the client, so you won't have any server-side access to ti.
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