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Today i found granddad dead :(


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Today i found grandad dead in his house, he was ill yesterday so i went to check on him early, he had fallen down the stairs during the night and died :(

I'd never seen a dead body before, and never expected my grandad to be the first :(

I loved him more than words can say.

funny how small things seem, that yesterday seemed so important


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thanks :(

it was horrible, the gas was on (he died it seemed while just about to light the stove or hit stove on way down) the whole house was full of gas, blood on the wall where he hit his head falling :(

police, fire, paramedics..his face.. lifeless.. only yesterday he came ot my house to watch tv with us (he loved bonanza)


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Richard that is so sad to read, I am very sorry for your loss. As you say this must have been an awful, awful way to find him :(

Digital Doctor

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based on his age I figured as much.;)

My nana's big fear was she'd be left for days after she was dead.
We called her daily and sometimes she'd just say "Not dead yet" and hang up.
I'm sure your granddad was pleased you found him so quickly.


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yeah, i will be ok, yesterday i begged him to go to hospital as his speech was slurred, he told me "Stop fussin! if i am not better by tomorrow, then we go"

i went to check him early today and well.. as i said above

thank you all for your sympathy


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slurred speech sounds like he might have had a stroke ?

Richard sorry for you loss and never good to be the one who finds the relative like this :(