So i found away to put music on my boards main & Profile page.

oO5 Dynasty

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So with using Sound Cloud i was able to use the iframe embed code to insert the player into my category section on my board. Plus i have it set to auto play when you come on the board. Easy to see and easy to stop the music while viewing the board.

For the Profile page, i used this add-on to allow me to open the information tab as soon as the profile pages are loaded. Then i embedded the Sound Cloud into the profile page. Now it wont auto play, but the player is their and my information tab opens first. This means i can edit my profile with pictures etc. Gives Profiles more life.


This is for people who want to have a lot of stuff on their boards. If you are a simple person who wants a simple board then this style of doing things wont be for you. I did see some people ask about music for their boards, and i just wanted to share how i went about doing it. Thank You (y)