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To developers: please do not change $templateName on template_create


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Hi all,

Today I ran into a weird problem when one of my listener worked incorrectly. After quite a lot of time, I have found the problem: another addon changed the $templateName in its listener for `template_create`. I'm not sure why XenForo passes the $templateName as reference but I'm sure that: YOU SHOULD NOT CHANGE IT IN YOUR LISTENERS.

Let me explain why
  1. You will break other `template_create` listeners. The listener for `template_create` relies on $templateName to do its job (mostly to preload templates, at least for me). And boom, you change it to something else, no preload can be done anymore... That's a waste of resources. Okie, you can change your priority to minimize the problem but... read on
  2. You will break YOUR other `template_create` listeners. Imagine 2 of your addons want to change the $templateName. It's obvious that only 1 of them will succeed. Well, congratulation, 50% of your addons doesn't work.
  3. You will break all `template_post_render` listener. I'm not sure how everybody does it but on my listeners for `template_post_render`, I always rely on $templateName to decide what to do. Well, if it was changed, nothing will be done. Thank you very much for that :)
That's it. My rant stops here. Please don't do that. If you need to inject something to output, please find a hook or please do some hacky search and replace with `template_post_render`.

Thank you for reading. Gotta find a workaround for my problem now :(


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I actually think this is a good feature... I don't use it, but I can imagine the reasons for it. Sometimes you want to load up a different template than the one you're supposed to get, if certain conditions are met. I can imagine this being very useful if someone wanted to create an articles forum mod... hell, even making a website like vb.org.