XF 2.1 Templates made on the filesystem do not show up in ACP


New member
I'm following the "Let's build an add-on" in the dev docs and ran into an issue.

I'm in the "Create the portal page" section

Specifically I'm creating the .html template which ive placed in "src/addons/Demo/Portal/_output/templates/public/demo_portal_view.html"

Now what is happening is that this template does show up in the MASTER STYLE, but my forum runs on a custom style which is 3 children down from the MASTER STYLE.

it looks like the demo_portal_view.html only shows up for the MASTER STYLE but not any of its children.

Is this on purpose or is there anything I can do to fix this. I dont want to go and make a new template through ACP for each of my styles (I have about 6...)