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To ad or not to ad?


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I'm interested in your experiences with XenForo & Google Adsense.

My forum is generating revenue via private ads on the sidebar and a Premium group, I've never thought about Google Adsense because of AdBlock.

My site is receiving 30,000+ sessions on Google Analytics, 350-400 logins every 24 hours. A fair few users buy Premium for the name colour, banner, etc however there isn't a huge incentive. How much would you estimate I would make monthly from adding Google AdSense and would it look bad / annoy users?

Premium users ($10) would not receive Google Ads, which is another incentive. I would be putting it in: ad_thread_view_above_messages, ad_forum_view_above_thread_list and possibly right in the footer so it's not very obstructive.



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I think most people these days understand many good websites need to advertise a little to help cover costs. Seeing the odd "strategically" placed banner certainly doesn't annoy me.

It's difficult to guess how much a site with your traffic could expect to earn via adsense because there are several variables but I would take a educated stab and say about $200/month.

Perhaps show the ads to visitors and registered users (who lurk).