XF 1.3 Title Text Changes -Need Help


I am working on a website for someone, and I have nearly done changing the colors for the color scheme they have chosen, however there are a few things left that still need to be worked on. The main thing I have left to do, is changing the Sidebar Title Text Colors. I have a couple changed but a few of them seem to be under a different style property or something. I thought I had changed them one or twice before, but I can longer pinpoint the location in the style properties and I have been through each what seems like 10 or more times.

I am currently trying to change the Title Text Colors for "Staff Online Now" and "Forum Statistics" sidebar blocks and a Custom Sidebar Block that I added.

Can someone please point me to the right location in the Style Properties or point me towards some code to place in extra.css to override these blocks?

Much appreciation ahead of time.


If you're comfortable working with templates, etc., this set of guides should help you identify specific elements: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/how-to.4390/

Thank you Brogan.
I have worked with templates quite a bit and feel comfortable enough in doing so, therefore I will see what I can do with this guide.
I feel like I am simply just overlooking something extremely simple with this.

I followed quite a few guides and only managed to fix one of my issues.
I am having a really hard time changing the heading text color for the 'Forum Statistics' sidebar block. I cannot find anything in the style properties and I can only find a little bit in the templates and phrases. I have tried a great deal of combinations of css code in my extra.css trying to override it, with no luck.
I also need to change the heading text color for a custom block that I added to my sidebar and I have no idea how to change that either.

I would have thought that,
.sidebar .section .secondaryContent h3
color: white;
would have changed them all, however this did nothing at all.
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