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Time out/ logged out display is confusing


Well-known member
When I time out so I'm logged out the experience is quite annoying not so much because it happens (a lot) but because of how it is managed.

A major lack is that nothing appears on the page to warn me I've logged out..
In some cases I have returned to finish writing a post and I only discover I'm logged out when I try to post. I then go through the process to get back in but unless I remember to Copy my post I've lost it.

Secondly it is weird to be told I am logged out - yet there's my username top right displaying me as logged in! Very confusing.

I then have to LOG OUT in order to access the LOGIN page! and login.
Totally weird to have to log out when I'm being told I am already logged out.

So - would it be possible to -

a) display a warning fairly prominently when I log out.

b) Mask the username top right so it doesn't look as if I'm still logged in.

c) Display a LOGIN link to access the login page/ layer.

d) return me to the page I was on after I login.
This is SO annoying that I've found what I want in quite a complicated site. I get chucked out and then have to go searching all over again for what I'd found.