XF 2.1 How to logout user via back-channel logout?


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So we have this requirement in which, the user is made logged in via Xyz SSO service. Now, multiple services are using this Xyz SSO system. So, if the user logs out from any service, the Xyz SSO will call the server-to-server "back channel log out" URL of all the other services to inform about this logout event. So, they can also log the user from their sites as well.

I just noticed that Xenforo implemented the login feature based on cookies. So I am a bit wondering how to logout of the user by just performing some db activity. Between, I tried deleting the records from the session table, and that doesn't seem to be working. Even if I truncate the whole table, the user is still shown as logged in user in the frontend.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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