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XF 1.3 Time limit on editing own posts


Well-known member
Right, so I've got the registered global usergroup permission on this set to 30 minutes.

What I want to do is for a specific forum/forums, to give members the ability to edit own posts indefinitely. I tried setting that to "unlimited" on a specific forum and it doesn't seem to be working, members still don't have permission to edit their old posts. Could it be that the 30 minutes usergroup permission overrides the per-forum one?

I've read somewhere that the higher value would prevail, but in this case I can't get it to work with "unlimited".

Any ideas?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The higher value will take precedence.

Use the Analyze Permission function to determine where the value is coming from.


Well-known member
Thanks , the analyse permissions thing shows "unlimited" for the specific forum I tried it. But when I test permissions using a member's name, no edit buttons show up in his posts in that forum.


XenForo developer
Staff member
If you're using test permissions, the permissions are applied to you. You wouldn't be able to edit his posts -- you can edit your own posts though.


Formerly CyclingTribe
I'm having a related issue in that I want to restrict members to just a 5 minute window when they are in a certain usergroup (for people who serially alter their posts) - but it's not working because the registered usergroup has a higher value.

Is there any way to enforce the (lower) time editing window of the additional usergroup?