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Threadstarter Ribbon 2013-08-27

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Shelley submitted a new resource:

Threadstarter Ribbon - Threadstarter Ribbon

Summary: This will display a threadstarter ribbon in your messageuserinfo block. Bare in mind I just got lucky with this in that it works so additional support if you run into issues won't happen unless it's an easy css fix but you should be fine.

Go into you message_user_info template find...
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Optimised Ribbon (below in the attachment)


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I managed to rotate the image and change the css to position it like the pic shows... there is still a slight overlap on the unfollow text which is not too bad, but for some reason as seen the ribbon slips under the the userinfo box where the arrow points to the post... and way of correcting that?


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Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 22.22.05.png

Is that what you wanted? I added z-index:9999; but you probably want to pick a sensible value that works.

I also feel dirty having to visit your forum to do that :p