XF 1.3 "This template does not have a parent version"

Neil E.

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I'm using template account_alert as my example . It shows up in the customized style components list, customized in 1.3.4. When I go to the template and click on view custom changes, I get the error. There is no account_alert in the master templates (this triggers the error).

So has the template been eliminated in 1.3.4, but is it still there as a template because it existed in 1.1.x prior to upgrading? It's not in the TM list, so I didn't change it that way.

Is it being used by my style in XF 1.3.4 (and actually doing something)? How can I tell?


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If the template doesn't exist in a master version, all we could really say is that it exists in your style. It's not possible to know instantly whether it's used or how. It may get pulled in by another template; it may be part of a template modification (included by one); or it may simply be a mistake that renamed it.

Neil E.

Active member
I checked into 1.1.2 and no such template exists, so it wasn't there before the upgrade. Somehow I must have created it by mistake. When I inspect the code it matches account_alert_preferences. So the template was copied with part of the name left off. I must have had an alien abduction because I don't remember doing the copy.

When looking at the customized components list, the half-dozen templates that I did create from scratch aren't tagged with any "created in version x.x.x" message, so I can tell right way they are my work. And when using "view custom changes", I get the "no parent version" message which is correct.

This may have something to do with the TMS addon. I really wanted to have template modifications "by style". The TMS addon was flawless in previous versions, but just doesn't seem to co-exist well with the recent new core functions. The rapid pace of XF development requires real care when choosing addons since we never know when the developer may move on to other endeavours. The upcoming total rewrite of 2.x.x worries me some.