"The requested page could not be found." Randomly appearing.

The forums will be running fine and then suddenly everyone will get the "The requested page could not be found." error for anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. After that, everything will start working fine again. No error logs of any kind are made, at least none that I can find. No add-ons are installed, the ACP isn't opened, so I'm not sure what's causing it. The frequency seems to be random as well. The most frequent is two or three times in 10 minutes, though the average length of time between errors is a few hours. It even happened to me last night when I was the only one online. I was tabbed out for a few minutes, tabbed back in, hit refresh, then hit the error.


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Random errors of that nature would typically point to web server issues.

Contact your host and ask them to investigate and monitor.
Random errors of that nature would typically point to web server issues.

Contact your host and ask them to investigate and monitor.
I called them and was on the phone with them when the error occurred. They stated it was nothing domain or hosting related, but something server file related. Everything showed green on their end.
It looks like you're running IIS. Do you have access to the IIS configuration itself or is this a shared server?

If you do have access to the main IIS config, you want to look at the default document section (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28167708/unable-to-set-default-document-in-iis-8). Does it list "Index.php" (with a capital I)?
Unfortunately it's a shared server, so I don't have access to the IIS config. We're contemplating on swapping over to a VPS tomorrow if the hiccups are still happening. Might not solve the issue, but it'll certainly give us more options to work with in terms of finding a solution.

Edit: I'm in the queue for the live chat support of the server host we're using and seeing if they by chance can access the IIS config from their end to answer your question.

Edit2: They can not. Didn't think they could, but figured it didn't hurt to check.
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I have a thought of what it might be, but I'll need access to the server while it's happening to try to confirm it. I vaguely recall seeing this before and the only workaround I could see involved a code change within config.php.

If you submit a ticket with FTP access (or similar), I'll see if I can confirm the underlying cause of the issue and workaround it.
We're in the process of swapping hosts and domains, but we should have things up and going by Sunday evening. I had called the support number for our old host and they said it might be because we were using a Windows based hosting plan as opposed to a Linux based one and that the forum software might just be smoother if we swapped. The new host is Linux based, so we'll see if that was the case soon. As for you accessing it while it's happening, we can try, but like I said, it seems to happen at random.