XF 1.4 The problem of the number members


I have problem of the number members. seems to have 1064 members on the main page.
Forum Statistics

the last member of the link : /forum/uyeler/raynaud18.1382/

why seems to link with 1382? this link must like that /forum/uyeler/raynaud18.1064/

This image is from the admin panel. number of members 1379 . I wonder what is wrong?


How can I solve this problem?

İt's my website : http://www.muhendisbeyinler.net/forum/
The member ID doesn't always match the number of members due to deleted members, etc.
I just delete one member. I think the member's location remains blank. So how can I fix this? The home page looks 300 missing members. Does this create problems in the future?


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The public total also doesn't include things like banned or unconfirmed members. There's nothing to worry about.