The Jake Bunce appreciation thread


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Whether it's a question regarding a stock feature or pushing the limits of what XenForo can do, I'm simply amazed at how many times my searches result in answers already posted by Jake. They are always clear, concise and easy to follow. He continues to save my bacon and is a serious asset to the XenForo community.

Thank you sir! (y)

You forgot to add << Most useful add-on that xenforo is housing. It's up there with Bacon. hmmmm I shouldn't resurrect that sign now
If Jake hadn't been there, XenForo would be in a really bad shape now. Amazing Sir who certainly has a Japanese hidden side (explanation: the quality of service is simply amazing in Japan).
Thanks for all the support & for the XenForo newswire.
agree.... but i always wonder which forums does Jake own....? I mean this guy is like some answering machine.. he should be running some "How to" forums.. lol
Me .... Translation

:sleep: ..... It's late and past bed time
:coffee: ..... But wait! There is a thread about Jake
o_O ..... Er What? Bacon ? Yummy distraction.
:notworthy: ..... Back to Jake .... I'm not worthy ...

Thanks for all the help. :X3:
I would have given up on XF long ago (my inabilities, not the software) but I continue to stick with it due to Jake's miraculous help.
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