Thank you to the entire XF Team :)


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I don't know which moderator deleted my reply for bumping in the suggestions, but, I just wanted to say thank you to whoever took the time to delete it (so it didn't bump) and give me a warning as well as reference the sticky in the note as opposed to deleting the suggestion itself. Moderation is hard work, as is keeping up with all the rules on multiple communities in multiple forums.

Kudos to both the moderators and dev team here as they go hand-in-hand in with the difficulties of maintaining code and keeping a lively and well-balanced community to create a cohesive pairing.

I've learned my lesson there. :)

Edit: I created this post as I've thanked XF before, but mainly the development of such. Moderation is often, if always, overlooked.


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That would be me and it's not often (i.e. never) that I get thanked for moderating someone :D

Although for the record it wasn't a warning, just a deletion alert :)

We do enforce the no bumping rule strictly, otherwise it would turn into one big competition with everyone trying to get their suggestion to the top.

It's nice you didn't take it personally.


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Although for the record it wasn't a warning, just a deletion alert :)
Well, "warning" in the context that I got a notification with a descriptive and non-arguable reason why (as I went and read the rules). :)

I'm sure, as I acknowledge this, the next one will be a point warning though. :p

But, moderation goes unappreciated... and with the extent that you went with outlying everything is awesome and I applaud you for that.
It's nice you didn't take it personally.
Definitely not. I don't think warnings like that should ever be taken personally as it's right there in the darned rules. It's just that since I found XF to start my own community, I've been joining forum after forum in similar areas of interest (only on XF-based forums 😊 ) because social media is just horrible with low-IQ discussions backed up by memes. That said, each forum has its own set of rules and when you go astray, you seem to forget the rules in one and then find yourself with an un/official warning when you don't realize where you are.

Have you ever considered making a 1-2 "broad" rules page for the XF community that links to all the sticky threads such as:

1. No bumping in certain forums:
a) Suggestions

Having them all in one place may help, especially with the quick post as you can overlook stickies now.