XF 2.2 Text is bolded for no reason


After I tested a gif in the usertitle for a usergroup, the text throughout the forum randomly became bold. After I took it out of the usertitle, my forum ia still bold. What's going on?
Correction, this is actually happening when I place an image in user banner text. I just discovered that I can replace banners with images this way, but these are the problems that come with it. Is there any way around that?
It's worse than I thought.


The image directly under the username is the usertitle override. The image under that is user banner text: <img src="https://cutt.ly/fkvugP2" style= width:35px;height:35px; alt="Dragon"

Somehow inserting that image causes this whole mess.
Okay I figured out what it was. The image didn't end with .png. The only problem now is that it's oversized because there's not enough room in the link to add width and height, so part of it gets cut off.
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