XF 1.4 Users going into moderation with no reason?


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On occasion (aka: it's not consistent) I have new users who are ending up in the moderation queue but with no reason listed as to why they are there. Usually it says what value triggered going into moderation but on these accounts nothing is listed.

Any way of finding out why a particular new account went into the moderation queue to be approved? Is there an audit log I can take a look at?



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Is there anything in the Spam Trigger Log for those users?
I didn't look earlier but when I look now there is nothing. When I started on that particular site there were two users in the queue, one was flagged for the name and then the second account in the screen shot above. I approved the first account that was flagged by name and left the second account alone for now. When I look in the spam trigger log I see the first account but nothing for the second account.


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I see it's an older user, but the spam trigger log should still be available.

The only thing I can think of is some sort of add-on or the user being sent to moderation manually? Are there any user change log entries for this user?