Browser issue Text gets inserted into quotes on Android

Users have given me the following complaints when using our site on Android. These are direct quotes; I'm an iPhone user so I don't have any means of trying it for myself:
  • "Not sure if this an Android deal or my particular phone, but if I quote someone and then I misspell a word and auto correct fixes it the word pops up in the quoted text in place of something there, usually the posters name and member number. Droid razor Maxx. Android 4.1.2. Default browser."
  • "This happens to me on another xenforo forum as well, it's a pain in the ass. When I correct anything, or any word that starts with 'I' always throws me into the quoted text and messes up the coding. I use a Note 2 Android."
  • "Same thing here. AT&T galaxy s3. Stock internet browser. Latest OS."
  • "Came to report this same issue. Happens a lot when I use words that start with the letter i. It will leave a capital i then jump into the quoted area and put the full word."
I am using XF 1.2.2.


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I've run into it occasionally as well, though I believe it only related to the first word/first suggestion. It may vary from keyboard to keyboard.

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about the issue itself -- this is all happening internal to the browser and we can't react. It's related to contenteditable areas. As a workaround, they can flip to the non-rich text editor using the icon on the right.