XF 2.2 Text Editor Vanished - Cannot make posts


Something that has just came up for me and my users is the text editor has completely disappeared. Screen shot is below.

Whether you are on replying to a post or trying to make a post this has gone. This doesn't seem to be a style issue as it's the same on both the default style and my custom style. The default style shows below. This has probably happened within the last 45 minutes and I have no idea as to why.


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This is affecting several users but not all. I tried Chrome and Firefox on one computer and neither worked. I'm on a different computer with chrome and it is working fine. It's very strange. i also noticed that the menus don't pop up such as for "Alerts" - it just takes you to the page. In the admin CP it also doesn't bring up the "Search" function when clicking the magnifying glass.
Most likely it is due to outdated cached JS files.

Try a hard refresh and clearing cached data in the browser.
I thought about that but when I did that it didn't work. I even tried logging in with an incognito browser and it still doesn't work. I figured JS has something to do with it since none of the pop up menus work but I'm totally lost as what to try next. I wasn't making any changes in the admin CP and I even restored all my files from a backup and restarted the server and none of that worked.
Now oddly enough it was working fine on my phone where I could post a message to let people know I was looking into it and now the same problem appeared on my phone.

But it's not affecting everyone still because people are still posting.
No users have reported any issues and have confirmed that it's working for them and I haven't had a problem since I did those things. They still had to clear their personal browser cache one last time.
yeah it is always a good idea to purge cache after making significant changes on the website. they even cache your robots.txt file and i have to purge it manually whenever i make any changes to that file.
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