Testing URL different from final deployed URL?


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I am looking to move a forum over to Xenforo, and also to change the URL for the website. Unfortunately, the domain I purchased via a well known domain broker cannot be transferred to my own host for a month or so. I know that you have to 'record' the domain you intend to use with the forum software, but I was wondering if this can be changed, or is it a one time deal?

The idea was to convert/test my forum (in a password protected folder), using another domain I already have with my host, and then once the newly purchased domain is released from the broker and can be transferred I would then make the forum live under the new URL.

If it's NOT possible to change URLs once the license is allocated to a particular domain name, would it be OK to register using the final URL that the script would be deployed under, but still test it privately under a second domain?

Thanks, Mark...
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