Testing the dictation


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Hi I'm Vincent.I'm testing the dictation invoice six Mountain
I'm testing the dictation in OS X Mountain lion

Generally it works pretty good, it only has some minor sauce (flaws).
I have (had) expected less of this but it turns out pretty great.

It has not come to a point yes (yet) that everyone will be able to use it, that's (but) I am absolutely sure that it will come to get (that) one day.

Keep in mind's debts (mind that) I'm from Belgium, so I am not a native English speaker. That's why I think this is pretty dual dog (pretty good.)

If anyone would like to know: the comments (commands) for the following items are:
  • new line: New line
  • ,: comma
  • .: dot
  • ?: Question mark
PS: I didn't type one word in this post. Cool right?

Go Apple

Adam Howard

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Wonder how this stacks up toward Dragon Natural Speaking

I normally find any voice software has a hard time understanding me.