add a method to check if the add-on is on testing mode or not when the xf-addon:build command get executed.


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Wouldn't it be nice if we can flag the in-development add-ons are in testing mode or not?

Let's say I'm developing an add-on, and it has this anti-flooding line commented out for the sake of testing. (// $this->assertNotFlooding('post'); //todo earl: enable this before build)

then again, if we execute the build command and forget to uncomment that anti-flooding lines. And we publish the add-on in the XenForo resources section without enabling it, we will have to release another update with a fix after we notice that we have forgotten to do it.

we could prevent that from happening if we could flag the add-on is on testing mode or something? I don't have a 100% complete idea for that, but we have our professional XenForo developer team to think about it, right? 🥰
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