Testing, acquisition

Good day!

Thank you for your engine:) Better yet seen ...

1. Could not find - where you can buy a license?

2. Can I test on a single domain, and a license to buy for another?



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ok from what i have read on the forum.

you would of course require a license to get a copy and run it on your own.

you can have a regular install and a test install from a single license. BUT. a single license means only one public version. the test installation should not be accessible to public.

check this post for the confirmation. http://xenforo.com/community/threads/woot-pricing-and-release-info-d.3877/page-2#post-59610

no. xenforo is not going to offer a conversion service. at launch converter from vb3.x would be available.

xenfans i believe is offering a conversion service that you might be able to use.