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How do i set up a test site? So it's clear, if i simply want to set up a test site on my server:

  • Upload Xenforo files to server
  • Create a new database? or -(Will my VB3 database be used with Xenforo?)
  • How will I access the Xenforo forum once installed, my current site and URL are live running on VB.


Mike Edge

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Yes create a new database. Make a new folder called test and put it in there. Then you can access it domain.com/test/ AAlso back up your vB database before starting import in case anything goes wrong.


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Yes create a new database. Make a new folder called test and put it in there. Then you can access it domain.com/test/ AAlso back up your vB database before starting import in case anything goes wrong.
I can fool around with the style etc. even install add ons before importing correct? I may have someone do the import for me. Not sure yet.

Thanks mike.


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1. Create new database
2. Backup your current one
3. Install XF
4. Install add-ons or import - whatever you want to do first

Don't see any sense buying somebody's services to do an import for the size of board you have. It's mainly clicking on 10 buttons in the home importer and you're done - that simple.


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@Brogan In your description here - "The next step is the most important; using phpMyAdmin or similar, take a backup of the database.
This backup will then be the clean master database, which can be used over and over again until you're ready to do the import for the final time.
The backup should be taken before you create any categories, forums, or test users, make any posts or add any content at all."

Do you mean, after installing X, then, creating a new database, take the back up of it? (Of course I will back up my source DB.)

Also - please explain this a bit more if you could on how to do this process - "Once you have done the import, if you wish to redo it, simply drop all of the tables from the database and import the clean master backup.
Then delete the attachments and avatar directories from the data directory and the attachments directory from theinternal_data directory."

Thanks! (I am close to purchasing and installing as a test site - don't want to screw anything up!)
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Read the previous sentence:
Once installed, configure the software as required; whether that be importing a style or creating your own, installing any add-ons, setting the options in the ACP, configuring permissions, etc.
The backup is taken after that point.

phpMyAdmin can be used to drop the tables, FTP to delete the files.


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One more question, I have been doing some back end settings like permissions and other things in the ACP. I had also started a test thread and user. I have not imported anything yet from my other site, however, if see attachment and warning description on content ID's, will this have any effect being I started a test thread and user? is there anything I need to delete or remove before import, I only adjusted settings in the ACP. (I know this should be in another area due to my license but this thread was already started.)



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Update on a test site I created from VB3.8 to Xenforo 1.2:

The VB 3.8 importer went as smooth as pie and is very user friendly. :D

FYI- I asked about my VB 3.8 albums import in an earlier thread - @sonnb album/ gallery has a Vb 3.8 importer that works awesome! (Did not import album cover - no biggie!)


1. Can and how can you change JUST the Staff member's ribbon's color without using two ribbons.

2. Youtube links by AME media (VB mod) can I convert these? Here is the bbcode -->[ame=[media=youtube]j5XnOHOjKwU[/media] - Creepy Electric Kitty[/ame]

3. First off, I used an old database from my site (long story) to test the import. Now, the database was about two years old and said I have 1328 members - that I find hard to believe even though it's 2 years old. Is it possible the import did not import all members? did I choose a wrong option on the importer?

4. HELP! - Now what? I have installed an old database, moved albums over and installed a few add ons. How do I clear everything out and do the "real deal" import with my current live database. I did back up the current Xenforo database before the import but had some test content on the site.

Thanks in advance!



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  1. .userBanner.bannerStaff
  2. Use @Kier's Post Replacement Tool
  3. How many members are present in the old database? Conflicts should have required user interaction.
  4. Reinstall the XenForo software.


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If you did a backup before you did the import, you can configure that.

Otherwise, a fresh install is the only option. You can use the same database - simply remove the internal_data/install-lock.php file and follow the install instructions.