Templates and Phrases Not Editing

I've been having an issue lately where whenever I try to edit my phrases or templates (such as the footer), no matter what changes I make, they won't change. I was wondering what should be done in order to fix that.

Do you have more than one style/language? Do you receive any error messages?
I have two styles (default and my own) and as far as I know, I haven't received any error messages.

Whenever I make a change, it's present in the template; however, it doesn't show whenever I look at the forum itself. So, for my footer, I put in some images and codes there but whenever I change them or attempt to remove them then look at the forum, it doesn't change whatsoever. The same happens with the default theme.
Not to sound dumb, but are you sure you are looking at the correct theme (I know I've done it)?
Not dumb at all! I am using the correct theme though.

Are you using any form of caching?

If you have any add-ons installed, disable them and try again.
Not that I would know of.

I tried that and the issue hasn't changed. The issue also extends to when I try and edit any phrases and if I try and edit templates/phrases in the default style, nothing changes either.


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I've hit the same snag myself. I just edited the phrases used in the emails sent for personal conversations, and my changes do not show up. There are three phrases to edit, and I have tried editing both the master language and English (US), which are all I have. I believe we are saving the templates as files.

Am I missing a setting to rebuild caches or phrases somewhere?

The phrases I have edited in both the master language and English (US) are:


I would think, however, that I should be able to edit only the English (US) phrases and have them work, as that is our default language and the only one which we have installed.

These are the emails that are sent when there is activity on a personal conversation; I had to add some text to these emails to help prevent members from replying to these via email (a growing problem).


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You should never edit the master language unless you are adding new phrases. Actually, it is not recommended to have your board run in debug mode in a production setting.


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Both of those refer to the text version of the email, not the HTML version, which is probably what you want to edit.
OK, that worked nicely. Thank you!

One puzzling thing--I notice these templates relate to HTML email...


I can see the phrase I want to edit in those last three choices, but out of curiosity, where does the body of the email come from (which contains the message, avatar, etc.)? Is that in a template (vs. a phrase)?