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Modifications to templates and phrases not showing in Admin CP

Due to my fabulous hosts and their draconian DB size limits (123Reg - don't ever go there), I recently had to abandon my live XF DB as my permissions had been revoked. I created a new one and duplicated the data across, then pointed XF's config.php to the new DB.

Everything works fine, but since then, the admin CP does not show any modifications I have made - I know I have edited several templates, but if I look at the templates, it thinks that none have been modified. When I open them, it doesn't show the changes. Yet, the forum itself still shows the modifications.

Anyone know what is going on here? Is there an easy solution to this or am I screwed? I have searched around but can't see anything about it.

I am shamefully still running 1.0. If I were to upgrade to 1.1 might this fix things or will I lose any modifications for good?




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Try checking admincp/ Appearances/ Templates
then in the left margin, bottom of first section - Outdated Templates
If there are any these will be the changed templates.

Forgive being annoying but try changing as much as you can in EXTRA.css
this does not change like the other templates do.
For any other changes keep a record of changes made and the snippets you actually change.
It says there are no outdated templates. I can see my template changes in the xf_template table in the database (for example I can see the styles I've added to EXTRA.css), but the Admin CP doesn't show any of these changes. Maybe I'm missing something? :confused:


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If you submit a ticket with admin CP and database access details, we could take a look at it.
Thanks Mike. I'm going to do a little more investigation myself (it helps me to understand the way it all works anyway) but if I'm still baffled after that I'll raise a ticket, cheers.
Just to follow up on issue, it went away after upgrading to XF 1.1. So all is good!

I've now also left the previous host, and moved to Vidahost. Have to say the experience has been great so far, recommended.