XF 1.5 Can You Filter The Templates, And Phrases?

Ariel Schnee

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Is there a way to filter the templates, and phrases, so it will only show the customized ones?

I don't want to have to look through all of them just to find the ones that's changed.

Please let me know if there's some way, or some addon, that can do this for me now.

EDIT: I'm using XenForo 1.5.24.

Not XenForo 2.
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In XF 1.5 it is almost the same: these options are available on the templates and phrases search pages (Appearance → Styles & Templates → Search Templates and Appearance → Languages & Phrases → Search Phrases).

You forgot to say I had to click "Menu".

"Search Templates", and "Search Phrases", doesn't really help. "Styles & Templates > Customized Components" does show me what I need. Pity "Languages & Phrases" doesn't have anything like that.:(. Looks like I'll just have to look through eighty pages of Phrases to see what's been altered. Good thing they show up in red.

Good thing I've got a few hours to spare before I have to enter bed.

EDIT: Nevermind.

You forgot to mention I had to uncheck the first option on both of them.

It looks like this is just what I need now.

Thanks for all your help with me on this now.:)

I appreciate it!:)

Everything is better!:)
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