Tell users why they do not have permission to access a page.


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A simple no permissions page doesnt give users a clue about whats going on and will likely lead the user to send redundant questions to the admin.

There are a few reasons why a thread is not accessible:
- it has been deleted.
- it has been moved to or is located in a forum that the usergroup, the user is in, can not access.
- the user needs to validate their email account.

Similarly, if a user gets a no permission screen, when trying to access functionality that has been turned off for the usergroup, then its very useful for the user to understand that. Else they will possibly think this is an error and that the forum software is buggy.

If the user is informed what is going on then they will not need to ask.
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AFAIK this is not resolved unfortunately. I had really hoped that XF2 would address this.

On many sites functionality is disabled for usergroups. But XenForo does not tell the user that its possible to buy an account upgrade to get the permission. Its such a shame because its not only a confused user, its also a missed opportunity for account upgrade income.

XF2 does add a handler to sell functions. Which seems to make a better 'no permissions' page the missing link. I'd love to see UXD like this:
  1. User tries to access unavailable functionality or content
  2. XenForo informs the user they have no permission and why.
  3. XenForo offers the user to buy the relevant Account Upgrade or Functionality.
  4. The user purchases the account upgrade or functionality.
  5. The user is returned to the desired content or functionality, which the user now has access to.