Tapatalk Forum App for xenForo - iOS / Android / Windows Phone Mobile App [Deleted]


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I've been using the updated Alert.php file that the Tapatalk guys posted on their support forum and so far it seems to have worked okay. I've not seen any errors or duplicates since uploading it a couple of days ago. (y)


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It doubled alerts and screwed up my tagging system on the regular forum. Uninstalling this mess. Going back to old version.


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Some users complaining of double alerts, also phones going mad with push notifications and trouble turning them off. No ability to have them off for alerts but on for PMs.

Going back to 1.1.4 until its ironed out. Fair play to tapatalk for rapid releases though I'm sure they will nail it.


it already supports @user tag in latest version.
Hmm... i updated taptalk client for Android and plugin for Xenforo... Check tagme options but... in forum topics i see nickname... Taptalk don't parse tag [/B] in this version?