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Considering their last post was a year ago and they also said this:

Guys - the resource is removed from here due to the fact that we don't have enough support personnel to monitor multiple forums system official page to support directly right here. We do have our own support forum and a support ticket system in place that you can usually get an response within 1 business day.

We still monitor this thread once in a while - we deleted this resource and not knowing that the thread will still be around - and it causes confusion that we are not responding to support request.

Again we provide 24 hours turn around support for paid customer, or in most case, 72 hours for all forums that are currently published in Tapatalk.

I think it's unlikely you will get a response here. Your best bet is to persist with your queries on the Tapatalk forums.
@requo Tapatalk works with the default installation of Xenforo. If you have any addon that creates thread/links in a different manner, such as the XFMG, or specifically XF Resource Center, or addons like the Classifieds defunct addon from Mr. GoodieTwo Shoes, among several others that create their own subsystem that uses a numeric identifier at the end of the URL, it will just go to that thread with that identifier instead. Not sure if this is what you are seeing but it seems probable.

For instance if Tapatalk were installed here and if I tried to pull up this link to a resource: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/remove-sidebar.3332/ it would actually take me to this thread https://xenforo.com/community/threads/test-gif.3332/
Does anyone have a quick primer on how to remove the Tapatalk ad bar with the close button (intentionally) so far over to the left of the screen that you can barely click it?
The following e-mail was sent to the Tapatalk Community Builders:

Tapatalk GDPR readiness - Plugins and App Update for your Forum

Dear Community Builder,We like to share with you how we are preparing to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new data protection law coming into force on May 25, 2018. The GDPR affects European and non-European businesses using online advertising and measurement solutions when their sites and apps are accessed by users in the European Economic Area (EEA). While the GDPR only applies to EEA countries, we are rolling out the same privacy guidelines to all Tapatalk users globally.

We believe that privacy is fundamental in building a community, and have been taking steps to minimize the collection of use of data whenever possible.
The Tapatalk Plugin does not access any personal information, such as name, email, or cookie information, of forum members. And the Plugin never collects any sensitive information, such as Tax ID numbers, banking or credit card information, or health information.
In some cases, IPs have been sent through the Tapatalk Plugin, and the IPs were used for spam and inappropriate content detection. We are not storing any IP address information. We are now using alternative tools to detect spam and inappropriate posts, and no longer have any need for IPs.
In some cases, the Tapatalk Plugin passed an email address when a user during login or sign up to your forum. We are now use an encrypted token version of the email for login so we will no longer have access to the actual email.
We will have Plugin updates for the eight supported forum systems in the next couple of weeks, and with the update, we will no longer collect IPs or transmit email addresses.
Tapatalk App
If a member of your forum uses the Tapatalk app, by May 25th, we will have a consent management platform in app that will collect authorization by the user for information that is gathered by the app, and control with whom the information is shared.
Information that is gathered by the app
  • The app collects information that is aggregated for analytics purposes (e.g., Google Analytics, or Matomo (aka Piwik)). The aggregated information provides analytics of the Tapatalk app usage for your forum in the Tapatalk Console
  • The Advertising Identifier for the mobile device is used for targeted advertising. The user will have the ability to turn the permissions on or off by ad provider. If the permissions are turned off, the user will still see the same number as ads, but they will be less relevant.
  • If a user elected to register for a Tapatalk ID, we will collect the email address of the user.
  • If a user wants to use the Tapatalk ID to become a member of a forum, we will ask permission to share that information with the forum they want to join. If permission is not given, we will not be able to register the member.
  • A user can request to delete their Tapatalk account, and all information about that user will be purged within 30 days. However, we will not delete the posts or images by that user. They will need to contact the forum owner to have that information removed.
In the next few days, we will also have a similar announcement for everyone that uses the Tapatalk app. And if you have any questions about GDPR - feel free post your question in the Tapatalk Support Forum.
Tapatalk Team​
Did they respond to you directly in a PM or what? I don't see it in the thread


Check out the Tapatalk Console, look for “Welcome Message” section.


I'm not sure that they even read what people are posting, so a fix for this might be months away :) I tried to explain it better in a post further down. Let's see if they'll bother, or if they'll just keep going on about adding a welcome message.
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Oh duh. I didn't scroll up while in the app. I don't use the app much so I didn't see that your last post wasn't the only post in the thread, my bad

Yeah great coding there, or rather, great code testing.
Yesterday I disabled Tapatalk on all my 15 forums. Today I got messages that TT still works! So I will recommend to delete all TT files as well.
They've replied now. Taptalk will redirect users to the browser if they're unable to access due to the GDPR policy. Will be in the next client update.
Did anyone else start to experience performance issues on Saturday? Long delays for posting, registrering likes etc?

We did. For no apparent reason what so ever..

It took quite some time to nail it down. But it seems that Tapatalk was the culprit. We did try to update to 3.2.4 from 3.2.3 without any luck. Disabling it all together is the only thing that works.

I got an e-mail from Tapatalk a few days ago about some new features. I guess they might have done something server side, since the problem appeared out of the blue for us.

I haven't notified Tapatalk yet, so feel free if you have the energy to spare :)
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