tags are local or global?


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Would it be possible to use tags only local?

Let's say I want to use tags for the RM and only for the RM.
I choose some important ones like cars, dolls, flowers, cats and dogs.
They are enough for me for my complete content in the RM.

People who look for resources should have now a cloud and say:
Yes, show my all the resources for dogs!

Finally I need to do an add-on with a cloud like here:

but with a finder limited to resources, right?

Or is it better to use the results from this page and filter them?

And yes, I can use the search with type=resource, but that is not the same like:

show my all resources with tag "dogs";

Somehow I want multi-prefixes, limited to a cat and/or to the RM.

I am wondering that we don't have this. It is a mighty tool with 100% search success, if we care for good tags.

Maybe there was an add-on like this from themehouse a long time ago?
Tags are honestly now old news. Most posters don't even utilize them, it being relegated to some that may be somewhat competent in web site issues.
For users, the are basically blasé, as most users don't utilize them. Search engines tend to, but your end user rarely does.
That is one of the reasons that I have tags turned off on my site... they are rather early 2020's and not so much with current philosophy.

To top it off, adding tons of tags makes a search engine processing of your site even MORE complicated.
Yes, no, maybe ... depends on the scenario.

You will see it in some days, for my it makes much sense.
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