As designed Bug in XenForo editor: heading tags are saved with wrong hierarchy


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I am writing to report a bug that I have recently discovered in the XenForo editor. I have noticed that when I format text using the heading tags (h1, h2, h3) using the editor toolbar and save the content, the heading tags are saved with the wrong hierarchy.

Upon checking the browser console, I noticed that the saved heading tags are of a lower hierarchy than the one I selected using the editor. This issue persists even after refreshing the page or clearing the cache.

I have tested this issue on multiple browsers, and the problem persists. Furthermore, I have tested the editor on the XenForo forum itself, and it seems to produce the same issue.

I hope this issue can be resolved soon, as it affects the formatting and structure of the content in my forum.

edit: However, I also want to clarify that when attempting to edit the post, the editor recognizes the previously submitted headings correctly.
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Pages already have an H1 header so the editor starts with H2.

It has been named H1 to avoid people asking why it starts at H2 and H1 is missing ...
Hello @Brogan,

When I mark a selected text as HEADING=1, I see that the H tag in the source code is H3.
What should I do to make it H2?

Heading test:



I think it's an issue with my site. I didn't have any problems here. When I set HEADING=1, it becomes h3, I couldn't understand why :(
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