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eLo fellow Xenforo Users,

I am quite new to using Xenforo and I have only used it for around a week but so far I LOVE it. That being said I have an addon request, and I will try explain it best possible but english is far from my first language, so feel free to ask any questions if there is something you do not understand. So lets get right to it.

Basicly what I want is to create a page where I can have a huge table, only certain usergroups which I define, which could be moderators or whatnot will be able to add "items" to this table. Now you will get to see my professional paint skills.

Basicly at the top the moderator or whatever user group I have applied, will be able to put in an item name, and it's "stats" could be a certain amount of intellect, stamina or whatever, and I can already say now that there will be more than just 4 boxes, alot more, and when they press done, the item along it's stats gets saved down in this table, where members can see the entire table and search through them or sort them by their name, intellect, stamina etc etc.

I will of course be paying for your time to create this addon for me and I hope we will be able to figure out something together.

A cool extra feature could be to upload a file in excel format with ofc the correct collumns along their names into this table or something. But that will have to be spoken through

You can feel free to add me on skype: Snaske2
Or PM me here or just leave a comment :)

Best regards Shamatix