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[SurreyForum] XenAdShare 1.0.7

No permission to download


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"User Allowed Adsense Sizes" Seems I can post any adsense size. How does this effect things?
This still.

Also I have a request. Could you make a box where you put in user ids to prevent those users from using adshare?


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I haven't installed this yet but am interested. What are the 3 positions of the ads (template hooks)? I have some other advertising on the site and will have to see how your positions work with the others. Or are they customizable?



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They are only within thread posts, but... you can't advertise other ads on the same page (it goes agaist Google TOS)

It's currently set so that the Ads are added to the bottom of the post
The positions are post positions (under 1st post, 2nd, 3rd)


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but... you can't advertise other ads on the same page (it goes agaist Google TOS)

Thank you for Ad positions

I believe it's OK per this from Google:
Ads on the same page or site as another publisher

If a website is in compliance with our programme policies and the company or owner of the site has given you permission to display ads on their site, you may place your ad code along with the other publisher's ad code on the same page. You will, however, need to contact your web hosting company or the owner of the website to obtain permission to display ads on their website.


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I think this is going to work well and I'll get with you about the branding free option soon.


Thanks for a great plugin but before i download i would like to know since there can only be one publisher id per page and 3 ad spots per page if i do something like 30-70% will ads show for admin and advertiser at the same time mixed between ad zones 1-3? EX: admin gets spot 1 and advertiser gets spot 2 and 3? Or it is just better to use one ad zone so that i can comply with google tos? Or the plugin is set in such away that only admin ads will show in all 3 spots at the same time according % likewise advertiser.

Thank you


@tenants , can you update this plugin to accept Asynchronous Adsense code format? Right now, it only accepts Synchronous.

FYI, my site uses SSL certificate and the Adsense is not displaying on the Chrome browser. Thanks.
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