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Unmaintained [SurreyForum] XenAdShare - Share Adsense Revenue 1.0.7

Share Adsense Revenue With Thread Creators

  1. tenants
    Feel free to Donate, a donation of £20 (or more) earns you the right to remove the copyright for this mod from a single install.

    This is a simple revenue sharing plug-in controlled by user group permissions

    This allows thread creators to display their own Adsense below posts in the threads they start, and to do this x% of the time, where x is defined by the forum admin. The remainder of the time (100 -x), your default adsense will be displayed (defined in the admin control panel)

    A Maximum of 3 Ads are allowed (post positions are also defined by the admin control panel)

    I can not stress this enough:
    Please note, you should not have any other Ads on the thread page.
    Only one publisher ID should ever be displayed on any given page, make sure there are no other adverts on the thread pages
    Please make sure you follow the Google TOS, I can not take responsability for users that do not follow the guidelines

    Please note, you may have defined x as 90, this means on average 90% of the time a users custom ad will be displayed and 10% of the time the forum default will be displayed.
    However, it is unlikely that the default ad will be diplayed once in every 10 page refreshes, but should be displayed ~100 times every 1000 page refreshes
    (10 is not a good sample size for $randPercent = rand(1,100))

    • Unzip the following zip file
    • Upload this folder into the library folder of your XenForo root
    You should now have the following folder structure:
    http:// www. yourforum.com/library/XenAdShare
    • Go to ACP -> Add-ons -> Install Add-on -> Install from file on server
    • Install from file on server: " library/XenAdShare/addon-XenAdShare.xml"
    • Set options in the administration control panel ACP>>Home>>Options>>[SurreyForum] XenAdShare
    • Set up the user group permisions ACP>> Users>>User Group permisions (see here for more details)

    1. Unzip the following zip file, and copy over the original files with the new versions (just copy over the entire XenAdShare Folder)

    2. From within the Admin Control Panel: yourforum/admin.php?add-ons/
    find the XenAdShare, and select the options
    Control >> Upgrade

    3. Upgrade from file on server: library/XenAdShare/addon-XenAdShare.xml
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  1. imspot
    Version: 1.0.7
    An Awesome addon!
  2. Brandon Sheley
    Brandon Sheley
    Version: 1.0.7
    added this to my forum and it seems to be working great!
  3. Quiver
    Version: 1.0.6
    This is brilliant. I have installed on my Forum, thank you!
  4. Tize
    Version: 1.0.6
    Great work, thank you very much.
  5. Geoffrey
    Version: 1.0.1
    Excellent release! Works great for many forums to encourage users to post new threads! Thanks for sharing!