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Unmaintained [SurreyForum] XenAdShare - Share Adsense Revenue 1.0.7

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Fixed an issue related to permissions (those with the "canDisplayAdsense" also had the "canUpdateAnyAdsense")
Fixed a bug related to Ads on in posts, where the thread creator is an unregistered user

1) An option in the ACP to select which forums AdShare is Active

2) For non active forums, 2 options are available in the ACP:
i) Display no Adsense
ii) Display the default forum Adsense
- Different % share for different usergroups
% Share is no longer set in the options, but can be set for each usergroup in the usergroup permisions
1) Ad positions now corresponds to each page - v1.0.3

Bugs fixed
1) Display User Ad % option in the ACP can now be used - v1.0.3
Minor fix (for redirected threads)
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