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A place to send your positive messages to Kier, Mike and Ashley, during what must be a stressful time for them. Please absolutely no bagging of any other entity, this is purely positive support for xenforo.

I am so sorry you are having to deal with this guys. Sending you my love, and best wishes and if possible my order tomorrow as planned. ;)



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After my motorcycle crash, I thought I would never be able to ride again. A bump in the road took me out. Once I put things into perspective, I got back on two wheels and have never looked back since. Don't let a bump in the road destroy your dream/vision.

As somebody who is on the outside looking in at the situation I really hope things work out in your favor.

3rd AnGle

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This is like a typical climax of a movie :p..where the public rise up against the Fat cats. Wait, so what role should i play?