Not a bug superfluous punctuation is added to alert


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The color is used in lieu of quotation marks or other mark up and as such, the punctuation is not superfluous (though the preference does vary between British and American English).


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Is it correct English to have a dot after a question mark?.
I don't think so, but this probably isn't a bug worthy of the extra code to correct. An add-on could be made to either:
  • Strip ending punctuation from the thread title
  • Strip ending period from alert if punctuation exists


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Easiest fix would be to wrap the thread title in quotation marks. Saying that though, it's not really an issue.


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I'm bringing this back to life as we've received a few complaints about it. Would very much prefer to remove the punctuation if ? or !.

Is this something that could be fixed? It's not correct in our language.

I'll try and ask in the add-on section otherwise.
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