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[thinking out loud] Is there any way... or would it be worth looking at the idea of xenforo's being somehow linkable much like the Evil Empire in someway.. so you could have member Betty who is a member of GardenersDelight (a xenforo of course) somehow being "friends" with Susan who is a member of CookingClassForums (another xenforo of course) and that they could comment or friend etc mutually????[/thinking out loud]

This came about from the excellent idea of expanding the Member page to be like a personalized Member Portal....I thought how that could be like the FaceBorg Wall that a user has there and wanted to expand the idea.


That would mean that has to act as a service, for example.
Not so sure Mike/Kier want to focus on handling the traffic.


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Why that? You could have an API to connect the forums. The Admins (if they aren't the same person) would have to agree to connect their forums with the API, so the users can basically hook into the other forum and be a part of it. It would definitely work if the admin for both forums is one and the same person.:)

I have seen this feature in a couple of pre-modded phpBB softwares. Basically, if you own two forums, or a friend owns another forum, you can connect them together so that they can private message and such. I never used it and therefore I don't know how far the connection extends, but it was a cool feature never the less. But it usually uses different forums across different servers is the point I believe.


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I think she is considering more a network of sites... So that you can befriend people accross sites interact with the profiles etc.
Yeah I was thinking along those lines, I have no idea of the technical aspects, or even if it is feasible, just wondered out loud if there was any merit in it, and if it could be a way we can counter FaceBorg and stop our members from abandoning forums, by giving them some of the more Social Networking aspects of FB, but from our own xenforos.
That would be cool. Having more like a forum-social-net-book. Put together a central server for an open id forum. Then build the api to connect them. That way have a single sign-on for all. :D


What I've been working on since Demo Day is a globalized points system.

The ability to drop a Points.php file in the library/ and admin.php option where you confirm the email address to sync with, and a daily cron to use this to compare user accounts hashes with

Users who desire to have their points carried over, and admins who permit this, would list either those points as a total (using an algorithm which I don't really want to go into right now) or additionally, global points.

If you are a member on 5 sites, you have a factor of 0.05 for example, the points on the site the users posts on + the factor, gets shared back. Increasing points on the other sites when the user becomes active there again too.

This way participating in communities actually creates somewhat of a global profile. Users are simply recognized by their email, and only 'Valid' accounts are accepted.

A new user wouldn't really notice a difference, they will simply register first, get a point for posting via trophy, and grow normally, if they in the future register elsewhere with the same email, and that site also uses xenfans Points.php the points on that site increase with factor of 0.01 (or whatever the number eventually will be). If the user goes back to the first site and posts, the points will grow faster.

Anyway, it's just one of the many modules I am playing with, trying to see if i can a) code it, b) get concept working, and c) figure out the tweaks and 'gaming the system' and all that.

The goal is to do as little as possible, use existing data to sync once a day with globalized server(s) and have it all work as simple as possible, 1 or 2 options for the admin, and possibly an end-user option to opt-out.

It's halted since a week ago, to busy with other things, and looking forward building this on a live setup with xf code.