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Daniel Hood

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I was looking at another thread and it mentioned the constant concern that Facebook is stealing visitors and content from forums. People choose to sometimes share stuff on Facebook (and twitter and instagram really) instead of sharing it on their forum. The social media platforms have already picked up on the fact that people aren't going to share everything everywhere and have made it so you can connect your accounts and be prompted to transfer your content to the other platforms as well.

Since you can connect your account already on XenForo powered sites, I think that page should be stolen from their playbook. I think it'd be cool on the user's first visit every day (or more/less often), their connected accounts should be crawled and the option to copy photos/statuses/link shares/etc into the site's gallery or automatically post a status update as a profile post or a link share as a new thread.

Something like:

"We noticed you shared this picture on Instagram, would you like to add it to one of your albums here?"
"Would you like to make this status your current status here?"
"Would you like to discuss this article/website you shared in one of our forums?"

I'm not sure how it'd work with profile posts and link shares, but for images you could actually just automatically add it into a private album and alert the user to do something with it if they want later.
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If that can be done in a non intrusive way then that would be great. Currently facebook integration is purely in the direction of our members posting content to facebook, instead of the other way around.

Daniel Hood

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I think it could be done in a very non intrusive way and thought of how I'd like to see it done (without pop ups and being annoying, basically a new page in the account area for "Third Party Content"), I just don't have time to make this as an add-on at the moment. Plus if it's done in the core, there's a lot of ways this could be expanded by add-ons and not get too crazy.