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social network

  1. ioneti

    XF 1.5 shares question

    Hi I want to share threads to twitter, Facebookand Instagram. When I share threads with long tittle I have a problem. - No character's to explain it. Example: https://twitter.com/DIYFORO/status/791305190926389249 When I share thread with video in Facebook : - It see with avatar photo...
  2. LPH

    [TRN] Discussion Preview 3.9.0

    As of March 2, 2017, this add-on has been taken over by LPH. Purchasing and support are now done on the Tux Reports website. Reader engagement is important to all publishers. The information overload of the internet makes website readers become lazy. If they can't find what they’re looking...
  3. jauburn

    Social sharing icons: A waste of space?

    I had a hunch that the "social sharing" icons are rarely, if ever, used, so I went looking for some research on this issue and found this. I'm tempted to disable the social sharing icons, since they seem just to take up space and are almost never used. How about you? Do you find that they're...
  4. Daniel Hood

    Tighter Facebook Integration

    I was looking at another thread and it mentioned the constant concern that Facebook is stealing visitors and content from forums. People choose to sometimes share stuff on Facebook (and twitter and instagram really) instead of sharing it on their forum. The social media platforms have already...
  5. erich37

    Show "Tag Cloud" at Forum Home & for each Forum-Node

    Suggestion: Show "Tag Cloud" at Forum Home & for each Forum-Node Example: at the bottom of this website: http://weheartit.com
  6. erich37

    Tabs for "Recent Activity"

    Suggestion: Add Tabs for "Recent Activity" --------------------- ---------------------