Implemented [Suggestion] Spiders visits log


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I worked on a spiders xml list a while back, which is now being taken care by Mosh over at, which has 500 spiders, he's doing a great job with it.

xenForo could have a log on the admin control panel so we can view statistics of spiders, which spiders are browsing, now and on the last X days, etc.

I like being able to tell on the who's online which guests are lurking and which are spiders also.

Just brainstorming, xen could have a centralized spiders database, which all xen instances use for this instead of each forum having to update it's xml file. Just a thought.


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we need a better way to handle the spiders here ... (also i think that this thing was already discussed, but not sure)...

what we need it's a specific usergroup that allow the admins to set how and what they can view onto the board ...


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When (I hope) the identification of spiders is added to xenForo (which it currently is not, any visitor not logged in is a guest regardless of if they are a spider/bot or human), and once I know what format the xml file will take that identifies spiders, I will also support a xenForo version of the spiders database.


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Dream and Mosh did/do a great job in keeping track of the spiders on the vB side of the fence. I think it's definitely beneficial to have a way to either designate a usergroup or at least list/identify which spiders are visiting (via a log) if it can't be done realtime.

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