Lack of interest [suggestion] Related posts at the end of the thread

Dear Team,

I like the user interface of Xenforo.
We need Related posts or Similar posts at the end of the thread and tagging system to make our users stay on forum. Please guide me if already exists. or please let us know the possibility of above requests.



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Second one is mostly for -creating- threads.

I have an idea for something similar to the similar thread feature in vBulletin that I might do for my site, depending on plausibility.
I couldn't find the original thread for it, so found something related. :) I know there's a suggestion for it on the somewhere but I just can't find it. :confused:


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I've never used the similar threads feature and never will, but I can see why it could be needed/used by certain forum types.
I always liked this feature and it encourages members to read older (but still informative) threads on the system buried deep within a board.
The software publishers can only give us the tools for great forums. It's up to us as forum owners to attract top notch contributors and encourage quality posts.