[Suggestion] Quality setting for avatars


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IMO the quality setting for creating the avatars is set a bit low ATM (seems to be 4kb max). This creates notable jpg artifacts and is a bit ugly. I think the quality setting can be set a bit higher without really making huge files (maybe 6kb is enough to get rid of the artifacts).

So is it possible to add a setting to the Options > Performance > Avatar quality or something?

If not, is there a way to change this in the code?


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I'd like the option of using PNG instead of JPG -- just tossing that in, along with my general support. Avs are user-end -- those things should always be as dazzling as possible. I'd trade in a whole lot of admin conveniences for better avs. :)


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Has anyone verified if Beta 4 has improved the avatar quality?
Not sure.

I just uploaded a animated gif, and it is only animated in the profile pop-up, and not in the post bit - which is excellent news to me. I took a quick look at the admincp and did not see anything obvious where there may be a setting.


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I've also moved this thread to resolved suggestions as the OP's request now seems to have been fulfilled in that better quality avatars are now standard.