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Something I'd love to see in XF is a certain bbcode from the IPB 3.x series. Basically:
[member="Caelum"] (or [member=Caelum] for that matter)
Which would output a link saying "Caelum":
If you were to click that link, you'd get that member's profile summary popup, like you would if you, say, clicked someone's avatar in a thread.

'Scuse my not being more lengthy, typing this from a horrid laptop <_<

Thanks anyways :p


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Problem with that BBCode is that if someone changes their name it will break the BBCode, and if someone else later registers the same name it will link to the wrong member's profile.


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Great! I often refer to users in postings and every single time I...

- Have to search for the member to...
- look up their profile and then...
- copy their profile URL and then...
- go back to the post to select the username I typed and then...
- press the button to create a hyperlink and past the d*mn profile URL!

I other words... a solution like this saves me from 5 steps.

Not essential by any means on my board now, but nice to have I think.


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The only problem with dragging is if it's the first post you still have to scan threads looking for usernames.

Nice suggestion.


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Very fancy, love it :D

That works, yeah, but the trouble is you still have to find someone's profile to link to it (eg if you want someone who didn't post in your thread) & it just links straight to their profile instead of giving the member-popup-thingy member card. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's big enough to even warant implementation myself though (thoughts?), but I guess it would be nifty to just [member=Caelum] to specifically get that member card :p

Laptop about to die, be lengthier tomorrow - on my desktop of doom

David Thomas

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But it works in IE9. So that will be another reason to use IE.
Pish-posh, there's never a valid reason to use IE. Ever.

On-topic, I think a Twitter-type tagging with a Facebook-type auto-completion would be nice. Well, actually, Facebook uses that tagging system like Twitter now, so basically, it'd be nice to have the Facebook functionality here.

As for the issue of a user changing usernames, take feldon30's suggestion, and convert the username to a user ID when you look-up the information in the database. That way, the user is none-the-wiser, and you're future-proofed.


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Yay for the desktop.

Regardless, as I said, I'd still like a member bbcode that specifically gives you the member card popup. It's definitely not a biggie though.
Another advantage might be any admins feeling industrious could replace all occurences of a user's name with the member card popup if they wanted to, using the word filter. For instance, automatically converting the text 'Caelum' into '[member=Caelum]'. While admittedly the same could be done just linking directly to the member's profile, I find the member card breaks the flow far less :p


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So the only thing missing is member card display. Seems like a special URL bbCode. It has to be done in a way which cannot be exploited.