Lack of interest [Suggestion] Add 'Action' Link(s) to Email Bounce Log


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When viewing the Email Bounce Log it'd be nice to have an 'action' link or two on the screen so that we can take actions on obviously bogus/spam email addresses instead of waiting for the thresholds to be hit that would automatically change the user account status.

For example, when viewing the log if an email got bounced from "{whatever}" (you get the idea :p) it'd be nice to have a link right there to 'Show Users With Matching Email Address' so that the user can be quickly edited to either ban them or take other action against the account. If it's an account that created an account with such an email and has never visited the site again then the odds are pretty good it's an unwanted account.

The idea there being that if a mass email is sent out only every few months or so then those users likely aren't getting any other emails since the last one so (at least the way I understand it) those users won't get picked up by the days threshold check.

Of course a Wist List item would be to have bounced emails automatically bumped against the spam checkers but a quick 'action' link would at least be a good start. :D