XF 2.1 Email bounce log and updating those users


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My understanding is that if you set your email bounce threshold to 1 in your email options, XF will automatically set bounced user accounts to have the "user state: email invalid (bounced)" which means they will never get an email from your website until they log in and fix their email. Is that true?

If that is true:

The first newsletter I sent out, the threshold was set to 3 bounces before XF puts them in that user state. That was my mistake. So now I have an email bounce log of about 250 members that have bad emails. I don't want to send them any future emails to preserve the email health of my own address.

But, because they were not automatically set for 1 bounce, they are going to get one more email before it automatically sets them (again, my mistake). My question is, is it possible for me to mass update the bounce log to user state: email invalid (bounced), or should I just "sacrifice" my Amazon SES health a bit, let them get one more email from me, and then have them automatically set after that?