Lack of interest Suggestion: 'Inherit All Groups' for a nodes permissions


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I did a vb3.8 -> import and setting up the permissions took a lot of time. Thread for reference

I strongly believe that a way to set node permissions to inherit for the entire node would be fantastic. An 'inherit all' near the 'private node' button which would set every usergroup to inherit for that node. Ideally that would be a sure fire way of getting rid of any ghost permissions, and setting all user groups permissions to inherit for a node.
  1. We have a very small forum and not that many user groups - even then it took 1-2 additional hours because there was no 'inherit all' near the 'private node' button. That is time that will need to be spent while the live forum is offline when we migrate. I am sure it will take larger more complicated forums many hours to set permissions.
  2. Even if the import bugs are completely squashed for the vb3.8 import there are many many other forums that may want to migrate to xf (ipb, phpbb, etc). If that feature existed it would be a quick way to fix things if needed. That would mean it would be far easier to live with a less than perfect importer.
Basically in vb, we had all groups denied for many forums, whereas in xf all groups can be set to Inherit and the node would be 'private' with only specific groups allowed to participate.

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Agreed!!! ive been struggling with this for a couple weeks because i had several secondary usergroups (premium subscribers).. XF doesnt seem to handle this well at all when importing from other software.. Actually im still working through some of the issues this presented..
Here is my own thread relating to all the problems iv encountered relating to this issue. Permission System


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If nothing else, this would be an excellent for tech support.

person with problem: "I cannot get the permissions set so they are consistent."
helpful person: "Did you do an import? Before the import did you ever have any usergroups deleted that had special permissions?"
person with problem: "Why yes I did!"
helpful person: "click on the node with the issues and set it to 'default' & 'private', then reset the permissions appropriately, and see if that helps"


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Important feature ... we need a 'inherit all' check button so it will set the permission to be as it is parents or not checked to have it own ....
so if checked it will not remove the setup permission but override theme to the parents